Cal-Ore Life Flight is pleased to announce that they now participate in the FireMed public-private reciprocal billing agreement with other Oregon ground ambulance membership programs. Each participanting agency agrees to extend the benefit offered to its own members, to members of the reciprocatimg programs who use ambulance service in their area. To date, there are 80 individual agencies participitaing in the FireMed program. (See Coverage Map and List of Participating Agencies).

By participating in FireMed, Cal-Ore Life Flight can extend membership benefits to their members who travel out of Cal-Ore’s service area. If a Cal-Ore Life Flight member uses a ground ambulance in one of the reciprocal agencies coverage areas, they are billed in accordance with that ground ambulance company’s membership rules.

Please refer to the map and this list of participating agencies for more detailed information about which areas and services also participate in this program.